Project Management

The key elements to project management are expertise and a keen eye – both are by-products of experience. SS fulfills that necessity with its excellent record in the construction business.


Management contracts are flexible. The rule of thumb is to tailor the contract according to the needs of the client. This is the point SS likes to start: Analyze the project thoroughly as the undertaker and come up with an efficient and productive collaboration arrangement.


We can undertake cost plus or fixed fee contracts as the principal contractor, in which case, most aspects of the project are our responsibility.


However, the arrangement can also be in a way that our participation focuses on certain aspects of the project: consultancy about feasibility, cost control, design; formulation of a construction programme and determining the working methods; managing sub-contractors and on-site inspectors; coordinating the sub-contractors, consultants, contracts… Management has numerous details, which makes the agreement very flexible.


However, to reiterate, the key element is to tailor the contract in a correct way, considering all these details of the project.

SS, with its command of construction projects, advises you on the best solution for an efficient and productive cooperation.