Our ambition is to continue our excellent
record of providing turnkey solutions
which excite and satisfy our clients.


SS, with its command of construction
projects, advises you on the best solution
for an efficient and productive cooperation.


SS carries out the design process with broad
attention, experience and constant engagement
with the client and other third parties.

Our Design Projects

S&S Design and Construction

To feel at home – that is the main aim of the construction business as we understand it.

When we undertake each project, whether it is a single house for an individual or a large development for a commercial organisation, we are at home: Construction is what we do, what makes us proud and feel satisfied – that’s how it feels at home. With decades of experience, our biggest assistant is that sentiment of perceiving the business in front of you as a new albeit familiar task: it intrigues you, but still, you easily get intimately acquainted.

However, more importantly, the client needs to feel at home – that magical moment of entering into the new building for the first time needs to bring the client the excitement of a long-awaited encounter: a construct just as the client had been imagining it, with joyful surprising additions that makes one smile.
It is not an easy task. Construction is a detailed, complex business. We have the experience, responsibility, dedication, the right team, multi-disciplinary vision, hands-on management, precise execution… and much more to accomplish it. We have it all, because we need to feel at home, constructing.


SS always has an open eye for talented professionals. If you believe that you can add value to the company and to yourself, we are eager to hear fresh perceptions, get to know passionate and visionary individuals and expand our team. If you wish to be considered for a career with SS, email us at:

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